Financial Capability Design for Program Managers Webinar
Registration Information
March 30, 2023 | 12pm EST - 2pm EST

The UNIDOSUS Learning Alliance (ULA) is currently registering counselors for the Financial Capability Design for Program Managers Webinar.  The training will take place on Thursday, March 30th, 2023,  12PM-  2PM EST. The class will be hosted virtually over five days and with live instruction from multiple trainers.  This webinar class will be accessible from any computer, tablet, or smartphone with an internet connection via Blackboard Learn web application. Blackboard mobile is also available via Android and iOS. 

Financial capability programs are designed to help participants reach their financial goals and improve their financial health.  The most successful programs deeply understand their target audience and meet them where they are – removing participation barriers, building relevant knowledge and skills to change behaviors, and offering meaningful benefits for engagement.  They combine education with ongoing support through counseling or coaching and access to safe and affordable financial products.  In this survey course, program managers will understand best practices for designing and implementing a financial capability program that suits local needs.

Our courses are designed to provide options to multiple types of learners in one setting. We provide a virtual class facilitated by an instructor. The course manual can be downloaded and saved right to your desktop.

Price of tuition is $75.00, you get:

  • 2 hours of instruction
  • Counseling information without leaving the office

For any questions regarding registration, please send an email to

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