Hybrid HECM Default Counseling
12PM EST July 8 - 4PM EST July 12, 2024

The UnidosUS Learning Alliance (ULA) is currently registering counselors for the Hybrid HECM Default Counseling Course. The training will begin on July 8th-12th, 2024.

The live training times are

Monday: July 8th 12:00 pm ET – 4:00 pm ET
Tuesday: July 9th 12:00 pm ET – 4:00 pm ET
Wednesday: July 10th 12:00 pm ET – 4:00 pm ET
Thursday: July 11th 12:00 pm ET – 4:00 pm ET
Friday: July 12th 12:00 pm ET – 4:00 pm ET
*Stretch Breaks will be scheduled at approximately 1:45pm ET*

Through lectures, break out groups, learning exercises, and the use of case studies, this course covers the fundamentals of counseling HECM borrowers that are in default on their loan.  This course will provide participants with an understanding of reverse mortgage basics and strategies to employ in counseling borrowers.  Although participants may be HECM certified counselors, that is not a requirement, and all housing counselors will benefit from the knowledge they will gain regarding reverse mortgages and how to assist a borrower in default.  This course is unique from other industry training as it provides competency-based learning; assisting students to achieve content objectives they need to perform their job effectively. A student can expect to commit 30 hours of course time over 5 days through a virtual learning platform, Blackboard Learn. 

The hybrid class will be accessible from any computer, tablet, or smartphone with an internet connection via Blackboard Learn web application. Blackboard mobile is also available via Android and iOS.

A detailed agenda for each day of training including scheduled Live class time, breaks, and lunches will be emailed to students 1 week prior to the start of the course, Live class times will begin and end promptly at the timeframes indicated on the agenda.  Each participant is required to be present for the entirety of the live class time and can expect to commit 3-4 hours each day.  Exceptions to this will need to be addressed individually to ULA by email at learning@unidosus.org.

Get the best parts of an in-person training, with the ease and safety of a Live online class.

Our courses are designed to provide options to multiple types of learners in one setting. We provide a virtual class facilitated by an instructor, but the materials and exercises can be done through online distance learning. You will need to login at a certain time or complete assignments on a particular day, you can do this from work or home 24/7 within the scheduled dates of your course. The course manual can be downloaded and saved right to your desktop or you have 30 days from the course end date to log back in and review the materials.

For any questions regarding registration, please send an email to learning@unidosus.org.

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