Housing Counseling Competency: Tenancy Webinar-March 24, 2021
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March 24, 2021 | 12pm - 2pm

As the HUD Housing Counseling Certification Prep Course is a refresher on six key areas of housing counseling, The Learning Alliance has created the Housing Counseling Competency Webinar Series. This webinar course on Tenancy is intended for the experienced Housing counselor who may be knowledgeable in a majority of the areas of housing counseling but may need a bit more intensive review of a single topic.

The training will take place on  March 24th, 2021 12:00 PM-2:00 PM EST. Upon confirming your registration, you will receive the log-in information for the webinar portal and downloadable materials for the course.

Priced at $150.00 you get:

  • 2 hours of instruction
  • Downloadable manual to guide counseling topic
  • Online database technology screenshots to guide data entry
  • HUD requirement integration for each topic
  • Counseling information without leaving the office

The Financial Management course utilizes the same curriculum from the Certification Prep Course but focuses on wide-ranging collaborative tools to assist in retaining the information for this topic. Participants can expect:

  • Interactive exercises
  • Engaging curriculum
  • Group discussions
  • Self-paced, virtual environment.

For any questions regarding registration, please send an email to learning@unidosus.org.

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