Fundamentals of Pre-Purchase Counseling                                                                  $900.00 per course

Pre-Purchase training covers the fundamentals of housing counseling in addition to the counseling structure, templates, training on client management systems, and HUD housing counseling requirements. This course is unique from other introductory trainings as it explains the counseling process in addition to providing the factual information that new housing counselors need to perform their job effectively.

When you register for this course, you receive:

  • Three days of pre-purchase counseling training
  • One day of predatory lending training from the National Consumer Law Center
  • Guides and templates for program support
  • CD with all guides and templates included in the manual
  • Two two-hour webinars on their topics of choice:
    • Homeless Counseling
    • Rental Counseling
    • Home Equity Conversion Mortgages (HECM) Counseling
    • Disaster Victims Counseling
    • Homebuyer Education Programs
    • Fair Lending and Mortgage Fraud Counseling
  • Ability to apply for ULA certification as a housing counselor
  • Access to experienced industry professionals for guidance

This course, coupled with a predatory lending class offered by the National Consumer Law Center, ensures that new counselors are equipped with the most relevant information as soon as they complete the course.

Scholarships are also offered.

Review the ULA course calendar to find an upcoming Pre-Purchase course near you.