Training Approach

The UnidosUS Learning Alliance focuses on offering a superior training by providing:

Small, Engaging Classes
Class sizes are limited to 30 attendees so that instructors can engage the class with constant open dialogue and experiences can be shared among participants to increase knowledge.

Process-Oriented Curriculum
ULA course material is presented in the exact order the information should be delivered to clients, making its practical application simple.

Detailed Information and Templates
Each topic is covered in depth and sample documents are provided to increase counselors’ real-world effectiveness.

Real Experience
Interactive activities that model actual client interactions are conducted to give counselors practical experience.

Tools to Meet Program Standards
HUD’s basic requirements are integrated into instruction to ensure compliance, proper service delivery, and complete documentation. Additionally, the counseling production standards taught are designed to increase community impact.

Multiple Teaching Methods
Multiple teaching methods are implemented to benefit all types of learners: visual, or those who learn by the integration of images and visual aids; auditory, or those who learn by listening to oral instruction; and kinesthetic, or those who learn by experiencing actions.

A Professional Approach
Counseling families is a serious task, which is why the ULA takes a serious approach to training. Housing counselors empower clients by being firm, but compassionate, while also remaining strong and flexible, and ULA instructors employ these practices in the classroom. Our instructors respect the time it takes to leave the office to be trained, as they are also active housing counselor practitioners who must leave their clients and agencies to teach ULA courses. 

Virtual Delivery 
Our courses are offered though the latest educational technology. With a modern intuitive, fully responsive interface, Blackboard Learn™ delivers an unmatched learning experience.  Bring learning to life with an LMS that is simple and easy to use, yet powerful, that will enable teaching and learning to happen anywhere at any time. 


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Course Tutorials: 

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