The Foreclosure Counselor Certification allows counselors to specialize in the foreclosure process. The certification prepares counselors to navigate the range of options available for clients facing foreclosure and to work with clients to determine the appropriate solutions.

To receive the Foreclosure Intervention Counseling Certification, the following must be fulfilled:

  • Course requirements
  • Exam requirements
  • Practical experience requirements
  • Submission requirements
  • Foreclosure Counselor Certification Application  Apply Here

For questions or concerns please email us at learning@unidosus.org.

Course Requirements

Applicants must attend the following ULA courses:

  • Foreclosure Prevention: Fundamentals of Foreclosure Prevention Counseling or; Foreclosure Part A and Foreclosure Part B eLearning series
  • Predatory Lending Webinar

Exam Requirements

Applicants must pass the following exams with a score of 80% or higher:

  • Foreclosure Prevention: Fundamentals of Foreclosure Prevention Counseling

(Please note, successful completion of the eLearning series will cover this requirement)

Practical Experience Requirements

Applicants must have counseled at least 30 individuals within the last 12 months, or must have been employed by a HUD-certified housing counseling agency for the last six months.

Submission Requirements

To submit the Foreclosure Intervention Counseling Certification Application, applicants will need the following documents:

Once the application is complete, click “submit” at the end of the screen. Your application will be reviewed, and notification regarding your certification status will be sent soon thereafter.

For questions or concerns, please email us at learning@unidosus.org.