ULA certifications are valid for three years. Expiring certifications* can be renewed by completing the recertification process:

  • Applicants must complete 30 hours of continuing education (ideally a minimum of 10 hours a year since original certification) related to housing counseling, real estate, or mortgage lending. At least 15 hours must be completed with ULA courses. Please refer to our continuing education policy for a list of accepted sources outside of ULA.  
  • The ULA Proof of Continuing Education Form
  • After completing 30 hours of continuing education, applicants should complete and submit the ULA Application for Recertification prior to the expiration of their current certification.
  • Once the application is submitted, it will be reviewed and notification regarding re-certification status will be sent soon thereafter.


*EXPIRED certifications are not eligible for re-certification. Applicants with expired certifications MUST complete a new certification process and retake all required courses.


Important: A certification from a specific training intermediary must be renewed by the original intermediary; however, a portion of the continuing education credits can be from other training organizations. Please see continuing education credit policy. If your certification has expired you may seek a certification through any training intermediary, please see individual certification steps for guidance.