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What is ULA eLearning?

Training delivered in an asynchronous learning model via our Blackboard Learn application. Simply put, a virtual method to deliver educational training and obtain certifications right at your fingertips. Asynchronous learning allows you to take online training on your own schedule. Any computer, tablet or smartphone with access to the Internet can access online courses delivered via a web browser, such as Google Chrome. Course materials, recorded lectures, tests and assignments can be accessed at any time. Students are provided a 1 week time frame during which they must complete the course activities and connect with the course facilitator. Students still have access to the course information for 30 days after the training end date to download templates and resources at their own convenience. 

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Introduction to Blackboard Learn with Ultra Experience



Learn more about the courses offered through eLearning below:

 Advanced Pre-Purchase Housing Counseling

 Financial Counseling

 Introduction to Financial Coaching and Client Advocacy

 Methods in Effective Rental Counseling

 Pathways to Credit Empowerment

 Foreclosure Prevention Part A

 Foreclosure Prevention Part B

 HUD Housing Counseling Certification Prep Course

 HUD Housing Counseling Certification Prep Course Series


Why should I consider training through eLearning?

Whether a small group of employees are seeking additional training or a single counselor requires certification, users have easy access to anywhere/anytime training, from home or work, day or night. Training through eLearning can be just as effective as classroom training, and take half the time to complete at a fraction of the price.

What makes eLearning training courses effective?

The material is easy to absorb and learning checks provide immediate feedback. It is presented in a format specifically designed for self-paced learning, with interactive exercises, engaging curriculum, recorded webinars with PowerPoints and an opportunity for students to ask questions. Post exams are offered within the same platform to gauge the effectiveness of a student's understanding of course material.

The eLearning curriculum is based on the same interactive exercises that engage students, group activities that enhance the learning process,  and experience of the current in-person ULA trainings. Courses are structured to provide housing counselors and managers with the training and information they need without losing vital time away from the office. Learning is self-paced and can occur anywhere, anytime wherever there is an internet connection.

Courses come complete with instruction facilitated by experts that ULA selects from the housing counseling field. Resources are fully downloadable and a variety of collaborative tools keep users connected, ensuring a high-quality training experience.


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