Introduction to Financial Coaching and Client Advocacy         

The second part class is designed for seasoned counselors to enhance their skills as a coach and to assist them in making the program sustainable. An extension of the fundamentals discussed in the Financial Counseling course, this second part will have participants in this course leaving with:

  1. Added layer of expertise to their counseling session by transitioning into coaching
  2. Discuss taxes in terms of financial planning
  3. Deepen the conversation into asset building options
  4. Understand the best way to structure your program for maximum efficiency and profit
  5. Establish relationships in the community to benefit the program and participants
  6. Educate clients on current available mortgage options and how to comparison shop
  7. Educate client on potential scams and what are general red flags
  8. Educate clients on what an underwriter is looking for
  9. Understand the rules and regulations governing the industry

When you register for this course, you receive:

Scholarships are also offered.

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