HECM Default Counseling                                                                 

HECM Default Counseling course offers the basics on how housing counselors can assist HECM borrowers in default on their loans. Participants will learn about options to avoid foreclosure and best practices to assist HECM borrowers that are having difficulty paying their property charges. Participants are taught the advantages and disadvantages of obtaining a reverse mortgage, specific costs related to completing the transaction, available products, predatory lending risks, and the process for becoming a HECM certified counselor.

When you register for this course, you receive:

This course is an approved HECM Course Roster CEU.

Tuition: $400 per course

Non-refundable Registration Fee: $40

Scholarships are also offered.

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For the best experience possible ULA strongly suggests for participants to schedule the time off needed to attend live sessions and learn the materials. Courses taken are for the benefit of the counselor and their professional development. Hybrid+ courses are virtual live courses that require participants to attend live sessions similar to a face to face classroom. Participants will need to step away from their daily work duties to complete homework, follow-up with the instructor, pass the exam, and complete core educational competencies. ULA is not responsible for scheduling conflicts that may arise when registering for a course. Please review our attendance policies prior to accepting a scholarship and/or registering for a course.