HUD Housing Counseling Certification Course Series                                       

As part of the Dodd Frank Act, the HUD Housing Counseling Certification Prep Course is a refresher on six key areas of housing counseling. Therefore ULA has created the Housing Counseling Competency Series to break down the 6 core topics. The individual topics are separated into 1 week online courses, intended for the experienced Housing counselor who may be knowledgeable in a majority of the areas of housing counseling but may need a bit more intensive review of a single topic. Each topic utilizes the same curriculum from the HUD Housing Counseling Certification Prep Course, but focuses on wide-ranging collaborative tools to assist in retaining the information for an individual topic. A counselor can choose any of the following six courses:

When you register for any of these courses, you receive:

Tuition: $250.00 per course

Non-refundable Registration Fee: $25.00

Scholarships are also offered with any of the eLearning courses.

Review the ULA course calendar to find an upcoming eLearning course.