Pathways to Credit Empowerment                                                                      

Through video lectures, learning activities, & assessments, this course shares principles and practices of credit empowerment with clients. Participants will learn how to access credit reports, credit scores, credit building products, and other resources to support clients’ using credit for financial security and wealth building. This course is unique from other industry trainings, as it provides competency-based learning; assisting students to achieve content objectives they need to perform their job effectively. A student can expect to commit 6-8 hours of online course time over 1 week through the virtual learning platform, Blackboard Learn. There are also optional activities within the course manual that can be used as extra study practice. 

This course will have participants leaving with:

  1. An understanding of how credit and credit scoring came to be
  2. Discuss how to improve their own credit score
  3. Deepen the conversation between the importance of the credit report and the credit score
  4. Understand the scoring models
  5. Understand how to use credit in an overall financial plan
  6. Educate client on potential scams and what are general red flags
  7. Educate clients on laws and resources to assist them
  8. Understand the Federal Credit Reporting Act

When you register for this course, you get:

Tuition: $250.00

Non-refundable Registration Fee: $25.00

Scholarships are also offered with any of the eLearning courses.

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