The Housing Counseling Program Management Certification provides strategies that housing counseling program managers can tailor to the unique characteristics of their local communities. Each community has a variety of needs that must be considered in order to ensure that clients are receiving the highest quality service to assist in their housing needs. Managing a housing counseling agency requires an understanding of the unique balancing act between staff structure, client volume, and funding availability to maximize production and efficiency. 

In order to receive the Housing Counseling Program Management Certification, the following must be fulfilled:

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Course Requirements

Applicants must attend the following ULA courses:

Exam Requirements

Applicants must pass the following exams with a score of 80% or higher:

Submission Requirements

In order to submit the Housing Counseling Program Management Certification Application, applicants will need the following documents:

Once the application is complete, click “submit” at the end of the screen. Your application will be reviewed, and notification regarding your certification status will be sent soon thereafter.

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