Foreclosure Prevention                                                                                          $500.00 per course

Foreclosure Prevention combines counseling and legal expertise to provide foreclosure prevention counselors with the experience and information they need to protect their clients’ interests. Specifically, the curriculum addresses the consequences of foreclosure, the counseling process, important players in this sector, and the financial dynamics of dealing with foreclosure cases. The course provides valuable tools for challenging loan overcharges and servicing errors, as well as legal tools to handle disputes. Participants are given the opportunity to practically apply what they learn using case studies and other interactive activities.

When you register for this course, you receive:

  • Two Week of foreclosure counseling training from experienced foreclosure counselors
  • Guides and templates for program support
  • Downloadable files with all guides and templates that are included in the manual
  • Ability to apply for ULA certification as a foreclosure counselor
  • Networking opportunities with other foreclosure counselors

Scholarships are also offered.

Review the ULA course calendar to find an upcoming Foreclosure Prevention course near you.